Massage By Joette

Herbal Infusion Massage

The ultimate herbal massage experience, use custom blend herbal infuse massage oil along with warm compresses to penetrate into the muscles helping to release stubborn tight knotted muscles. This 90 minutes specialty massage use a combination of advanced massage techniques: Swedish, deep tissue, and a soothing foot massage to help clients reduce tension knots.  

$ 140.00


Thai Meridian Therapy- (TMT)

This invigorating treatment is a 90 minutes specialty massage, which uses a combination of Thai massage, yoga stretching, and acupressure.  Thai meridian therapy is design to increase the flow of energy and stimulate healing. Clients will receive total body stretching, however;  acupressure will be applied to one specific focus area chose one: Abdominal pain, Lower back pain, upper back with shoulder pain, or general stress headaches.

$ 140.00


Massage Enhancements 

Enhance your massage experience selecting one or more therapeutic treatments.

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Aroma Therapy

$ 10.00 each