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Reduce Belly Fat

An increase in abdominal visceral fat is link to cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Extra abdominal fat blocks the function of major organs. For example, the liver turns extra fat into cholesterol, cholesterol than travels throughout the bloodstream leading to heart disease. Extra abdominal fat also interferes with insulin production causing insulin resistance which lead to the development of type two diabetes (Gammone & D'Orazio, 2015). There are numerous diet products on the market because consumers are always looking for diet products that will help them magical loss weight. They want to lose weight and not have too constantly diet and exercise. Creating a weight management product that effectively and safely reduce abdominal fat is needed.

Often when starting a weight loss program people lack the motivation to get started because they have a lack of energy. I have created two natural weight loss products that can help reduce belly fat by blocking the production of lipid, suppressing appetite, and boosting metabolism. The first tea blend "Jump Start" is a time tested blend which helps increase metabolism (burn calories) therefore boosting energy. The second tea blend "Biggest Loser" suppresses appetite therefore the stomach feel fuller and you will eat less. The combination of these herbs will help support gradual weight loss.

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